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Peignoirs, Nightgowns & Robes

Perhaps the crème de la crème of lingerie.  These elegant and usually elaborate costumes are what make being feminine a treat. These sensual, sexy and ever so delicious treats of feminine exuberance and lavish adornments are the essence of nighttime wear for all classes. They can range from the simply functional to the audaciously  ostentatious. No matter whether a designer original at hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the affordable department store clearance aisle negligee, they have one thing in common, and that is if nothing else they symbolize the best in feminine night wear. Worn for your own comfort and delight or  to engage another's attention for reason of sex or status, these sensual, sexy and strikingly beautiful, highly seductive, sometimes ornate and often resplendent peignoir sets, gowns, or nightgowns with robes are often worn to fulfill fantasies. Whether yours as you glide about or just relax in resplendent comfort or his as you parade before him with the seductive wiles of a temptress on the prowl. Every woman should have at least one peignoir, robe, nightgown or gown that makes her feel as if she is very much in command of herself, her destiny and that of any who set eyes upon her as she wears this incredibly feminine garment.

I group these categories together as a Peignoir is but another name for a sensuous and seductive, often sheer and sometimes ornate  Robe. A Peignoir set includes a matching Gown or Nightgown. So in reality these subclasses are all interchangeable though there are exceptions.



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Click on the pics to see several enlargements and more information. 

# a0001

100% Polyester Size Large
2 piece set Robe/Nightie

25.00 + S&H

# a0002

Stretch Back 100% Nylon Sz 36 Sweep 118 inches

$42.00 + S&H

# a0003

VTG Kayser Coral Gown / Peignoir set 100% Nylon Tricot very rare vtg sz 34

Was $60.00 + S&H
SALE       SALE       SALE
NOW $40.00 + S&H

# a0005

EMILIO-PUCCI Distinguished Italian Fashion Designer of the 50's and 60's Gorgeous

Was $350.00 + S&H
SALE       SALE       SALE
NOW $150.00 + S&H

# a0021

Undercover Ware
Long Nightgown
Size L Mauve Rose
Risqué Seductive
100% Nylon

$40.00 + S&H

# a0018

Rikki New York
100% Nylon
Sz M
Baby Blue

$25.00 + S&H

# a0015

Val Mode
Short Robe
100% Polyester
Size Medium
Absolutely Stunning!

$30.00 + S&H



Victoria’s Secret
Long Black Nightgown
Size Medium



# a0014

Shadow Line
100% Nylon
Size Petite
Shiny Baby Pink

$35.00+ S&H

# a0013

late 60’s early 70’s
Vanity Fair
Full Length Egyptian
Gown sz 34.

$45.00 + S&H

# a0026

It’s an OLGA!
Vintage late 60's to 70’s by the tag and design.
A wonderful long nightgown
Size M 100% nylon

$40.00 + S&H

# a0027

Vintage Vanity Fair Robe… could also be used as a nightgown or sleepshirt.


Decided to keep for myself. ;>)

# a0029

Vintage Vassarette
Peignoir / Robe
Size XXX Large
100% Nylon
Light Sea Blue Green


# a0030

S.G. for Escante
Peignoir / Robe
Electric Bight Blue
Size 1X
Very Sheer and Sexy!


# a0031



# a0033

Short Robe
Mint Green
(Some call Iced Blue)
Tagged size medium
(Could go Large)
100 % Nylon

$35.00 + S&H

# a0034

Vintage Very Sheer
Victoria’s Secret
Short Peignoir/Robe
One size fits all
(see measurements)
Design is very 70’s


# a0036

Robe/ sleepshirt
Lovely Pink with floral brocade appliqué at the lower yoke
Tagged Small will go Med
All nylon antron III

$36.00 + S&H

# a0004

VTG Gilligan O’Malley by Donna Richard New/old stock w/tags Bon~Marche' 80's


# a0010

Warner's Pink double chiffon short Peignoir  Robe M / L open


# a0016

L.A. Intimates
Floral Short Robe
100% Polyester
Size Medium
Style Number 4097-009

$28.00 + S&H

# a0028

VTG Chiffon Peignoir
By Gossard Artemis
Size Medium


# a0032

1960's to early 70's
Vanity Fair
Sheer Chiffon
Peignoir/Robe S/M/L


# a0035

Secret Treasures
100 % polyester robe One size fits all ( see measurements) Lovely sheer cherry red chiffon w/embroidered rose w/beads and sequins


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   Though this site is commercial in that we hope to sell our offered products we have posted pages that are informational in nature that we hope will help guide you in either your selections or in providing you with knowledge to help you in dating vintage clothing. Time is an issue as Hubby and I have 3 sites we try to keep updated as well as starting a business in Tamicraft Embroidery and a family to tend to. Myself, Hubby and two lovely kids. But I will get to it as soon as I can.

    I get a few letters from people interested in specific items or wanting information on dating an item. I hope I've provided enough information to help guide you to resources that can be helpful. I know it can be a hassle researching through the USPTO and others, but with a bit of digging you can generally find what you need. There are sites out there which will give you more information and some that are just information sites. Some charge for their services some do not. A lot can be learned with just a bit of effort.  When doing your research try to dig deep. Read my dating vintage page and you will see how one person found a date and assumed it was the date Antron III came into use. Further research on my part proved otherwise. Always dig deep and seldom think you have the answer 100% nailed as there will always be an exception to a rule.

Though We are heavily endowed with Lingerie we have a wide selection of most everything clothing from Children's Clothing to Designer Clothing from Other Fashionable Clothing to Accessories, and a section devoted to Embroidered Clothing, Embroidered Cards and Custom Orders. Most of the clothing has been preowned, hence vintage in the title but we do have some new / old stock with tags. Also an informative page on how to Date Vintage Clothing along with other tidbits of  information.

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